Monica is a blonde, naive American girl, headed to a rave with her friends, Max, Katja and Aaron. An intoxicated Josh turns his attention to her while arguing with Kate, causing her to leave. Josh later encountered Monica again with her friends who are excited for the rave. She was later seen panicking after she came across the next train cart filled with the ravaged remains of its passengers. She survives the train wreck, taking refuge in a cave along with the other survivors. After Peter was presumably killed by an unknown creature, Monica, along with Max, Lin, Odessa and Josh decided to venture further into the forest in hopes to find help. All of the fell into a slope that sent them to a nearby swamp where Odessa was pulled underwater by an unknown creature, Monica and the others quickly swam to reach land. The remaining four proceeded further into the forest, coming across ravaged corpses and a cemetery where the were reunited with Aaron, Sacha and Tasha. Monica and the others were scattered when the Altered started to appear, unfortunately she ran into Ernst who proceeded to decapitate her and threw her body against a wall.

Monica, along with Max were later reanimated and altered into nothing more then a pair of marionettes awaiting for Josh's arrival at the West Tower. Unable to control their own actions, Monica and Max were controlled as puppets by the Jesters. She alternates between mockery and apology throughout the battle, insisting that the two are being controlled.

In the nightmare realm, it was revealed that Monica and Max were involved in a relationship, genuinely believing that they truly loved each other. In reality, Max was actually exploiting her naivety and planned to use her for smuggling his contraband into the United States.