Kate is Josh's wife, as well as one of the central characters of the game. Josh spent most of the time searching for her.

Rise of NightmaresEdit

Kate invites Josh to a vacation in in Romania in an attempts to patch up their failing marriage. She becomes angry upon catching him with a hip flask after he promised to stop drinking, and storms away, she then left Josh a letter . She is kidnapped shortly after by Ernst, under the orders from Viktor who had taken an interest in her. After the train was derailed, Josh begins his search for Kate.

Kate was later seen again via projector showing a footage from a webcam, showing her being tied to a torture chair, Viktor (dressed as his late wife Mary) taunts Josh by telling him that he will never find Kate, however this only prompts Josh into rescuing her. She was later seen again being strapped to a table by Viktor, Viktor orders Ernst to kill Josh, but luckily was able to defeat him. Ernst regains his human senses and helps both Josh and Kate escape before being killed by Viktor. The two escaped into the forest, however Kate was hypnotized into going to the ritual site of O'Zhurvindo, where Viktor plans to have her sacrificed in order to revive his beloved Mary. Luckily, Josh intervenes and manages to destroy the 4 towers necessary for the ritual, it caused the ritual to backfire and seemingly killed Viktor in the process. Marchosias (Viktor's servant) later implanted Viktor's parasite into Josh's body and Josh's mind to Ernst's body, Viktor (now in Josh's body) manages to fool Kate and led her once again to the ritual site. While on a journey to regain his body back in the dream realm, Josh sees Kate and her mind revealed that she was in fact pregnant and planned to tell Josh about it. After regaining his body back, Josh heads to the ritual site to rescue Kate, he enters Mary's dream world and manages to defeat her and rescue his unborn child, the two escaped.

In a post- credits scene, while Kate was sleeping, a mysterious man sits down near Kate, and opens his suitcase to reveal three small phials with the parasites in them.