Jane is a British psychiatrist. Mild-mannered and quiet, she is smart and uses it to her advantage, though she questions herself at times. Her quiet demeanor conceals a repressed, carnal nature.

Rise of NightmaresEdit

Jane was first seen by Josh in the train where she nearly tripped down, she survived the train derailment but got separated from the rest of the survivors. She later encountered again by Josh in Viktor's mansion where she nearly hit Josh, thinking that he was one of the creatures. She begins her research on the one who designed the mansion who also has knowledge of sophisticated torture methods and plans to report her findings. She also stated that she had encountered several creatures prior to her arrival at the mansion and was aware that they all lack any human intellect and has been reduced to what she described as based, reptilian instincts: Want food, see food, kill. The two later encountered Ernst in the stairs, she pushes Josh and told him to stay still as Ernst only responds to sound. Just before Ernst was about to leave, Jane cellphone rings, but it seems that it barely alerted Ernst. The two makes their way to the dining room, unfortunately Ernst was aware of Jane's presence, he bursts through the wall and takes her away.

After being captured by Ernst, Jane herself soon fell victim to Viktor's cruel experimentation, later reappearing as a pyrokinetic undead that was summoned by Marchosias to kill Josh. Jane continued to insist upon her state of life, even as her mutilated body and inexplicable abilities argue to the contrary. Unlike the others, her alterations are mostly mental, and she is unaware of what has happened to her, continuing to question it throughout the battle. Luckily with the use of Ernst's formidable body which he was trapped in, Josh was able to weaken the altered Jane. Upon defeat, she turns against Marchosias and immolates herself along with him, seemingly burning them both to death.

The nightmare realm revealed her dark urges of finding enjoyment while counseling her depressed, half-dead patients, thinking of her desire to be ravished by them.