Act 3: House of Madness is the third act in Rise of Nightmares. It takes place in Viktor's dungeon, where Josh was taken after he was captured by Ernst at the end of Act 2.


  • The music played by Viktor at the beginning when he was torturing Max was "Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja" from The Magic Flute.
  • In the English version of Rise of Nightmares, the subtitles provided for Max's pleadings in the game are only listed as "Pleading in German", while the Japanese version provided actual German for the subtitles.
    • Max: Was auch immer Du willst, meine Eltern, die koennen es besorgen!! (Whatever you want, my parents, they can get it!!)
  • Due to the censorship in Japan, Gregor's death in the Japanese version of the game was heavily altered, the entire background was made entirely red colored and Gregor himself became completely silhouetted. After the cutscene, Gregor's body would disappear.